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5 Reasons to get custom T-shirts for your company!

In this article we discuss why custom t-shirts are a must have for any business.

Ordering custom t-shirts with your logo can be extremely beneficial to your business. Custom apparel is versatile enough to serve as a uniform for your employees and as a special gift for your customers or vendors. No matter how you choose to use your new t-shirts, they will increase your business exposure and make your company look even more professional.

T-shirts are literally walking billboards

Every time you wear a T-shirt, you promote and expose your brand and business to a new crowd. It’s significantly more affordable than traditional printed advertisements like billboards or magazine or newspaper ads, but can have a similar or even better effect.

Added Exposure

As a branding tool, t-shirts are one of the best cost per impression items. In fact, the average promotional t-shirt gets around 340 impressions per month. To get the most brand awareness for your business with a small budget, consider using custom printed t-shirts.

As uniforms, they will greatly help your company's image

Using branded t-shirts as uniforms is a cost-effective way to make your business, and your employees, look more professional. Embroidery is another great decoration method that will help on your company's image . We go into details about embroidery in different blog.

They are like a wearable business card!

You can add your business info like phone number, website, email address to the back of your t-shirts. When a well planned artwork is printed on your shirts, it will grab peoples attention, and everyone who sees the t-shirt, can easily get in contact with you.

Delight your customers with them

We all know customers love getting free stuff. Promotional t-shirts are the second most owned promotional products. This means that most customers who are getting t-shirts are keeping them, and wearing them! The great news is that when custom printed shirts are ordered in bulk, they price per unit drop drastically making them very inexpensive compared with the ROI(return on investment) they provide . A few happy customers can go a long way for your business.

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